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  • SOS App is a technology based solution to reduce violence against people especially women and child in India.
  • A dedicated app by Susila Charity technologically partnered with S-Novabits Software Solution Pvt Ltd., India based on the concept of Save Our Sisters to save women from sexual harrasment and abuse(eg Rape).
  • A must have app for women of all ages who travel alone and can save themselves from violence happening against them by alerting their family and friends.
  • The app helps women who commutes to work or college all alone and at late evenings and nights through isolated areas.
  • It helps young children commuting to schools and surroundings.
  • Helps International women travelling to India for Tourism.
  • Helps everyone else who wanted to travel in India safely.

About the app

  • SOS App helps the user to track the location of his/her family and friends while they are on travel.
  • The user inturn gets tracked by his family and friends.
  • It acts as a GPS tracking device to follow the traveller's path and keep notifying the tracker.
  • It is a very useful app as it can track the location of the user's family members and friends while they are travelling and helps to save them if they encounter any danger while on travel.

Features of the app

  • User installs the app and adds family and friends contacts in the buddy list.
  • Provides settings for current location notification for specified duration and alert messages.
  • Enable “Track me” to get tracked by her buddies.
  • Notification/sms about her current location is sent for every 15 or 30 minutes or duration specified to her buddies added in the list.
  • Deviating and delay in travel will alert his/her buddies.
  • Alarm is raised at the tap of a panic button in the app through call and sms to the buddies.
  • Buddies get alerted to react to the situation.

Four easy and smart steps for women and children to protect themselves against sexual assault and harrasment.

1.Install app----> 2.Provide settings ----> 3.Alert Buddies----> 4.Save your life.

Safety is all for free now. Think smart and act quickly. Download this app and protect yourselves.