How SOS App works

  • We take a real use case. A girl who has installed SOS app is travelling from college to home late evening.
  • Already she has configured her buddy list eg. Family members or Friends and notification time interval.
  • She chooses people from buddy list to track her. She presses "TrackMe" button in SOS app before she starts her way to home. Till she reaches her destination, the app will report to the buddies about the different location where she is passing through.
  • If there is any route or time deviation, buddies can immediately react. Or the girl can press the SOS panic button and it will ring the buddies and text them the location where she needs the help.
  • The handset will also shout the SOS alarm. The SOS backend office and nearby public volunteers will also get the notification to give a helping hand.
  • SOS app will give the nearby Police station number and location too. So anyone of the receiver can react or contact for any help to save the girl.

Example Flow: SOS App user travels -> SOS buddy lists gets periodic info from SOS app -> If any problem occurs, SOS buddies react based on the or the SOS App can look for help -> SOS App user will be saved quickly.