1. How do I benefit from SOS app?

Using this app , any deviation or delay in travel can alert your family and friends and if you ecounter any danger on your way, an alarm message and missed call alert can be sent to your buddies to save you from danger of any violence against you.

2. Who can use SOS App?

SOS App helps women who commutes to work or college all alone and at late evenings and nights through isolated areas.

It helps young children commuting to schools and surroundings.

Helps International women travelling to India for Tourism.

Helps everyone else who wanted to travel in India safely.

3. Can I download the SOS app for free?

SOS App is obsolutely free as it is a non profit project because the motive of this SaveOurSisters campaign is to safeguard women and children from sexual harrasment and assault, which is a matter of highest concern in India.

4. How to download SOS Android App?

Click the following link

SaveOurSisters SOS India


Go to Google Play Store to download the SOS App.

4. How to download SOS IOS App?

Click the following link

SaveOurSisters SOS India


Go to Apple App Store to download the SOS App.

6. How can i become SOS Volunteer?

Please write a mail to volunteers@saveoursisters.in for the procedure.

7.What is Emergency contacts?

SOS users can link their emergency contacts ie contacts who will get the notification when sos app user is at danger and clicks SOS Save me button. This is supposed to be a very reliable contact like Father, Mother, Husband, Brother or a Good friend,... who will be alerted through notification or sms immediately.

8.What is Track Me button for?

When user enables the “Track me” button and selects the contacts when starting to travel, these contacts will be notified through sms or notification about the current location of travel of the user for the specified duration.

9.What is Save me button for?

User taps the “Save me “ button during danger or alert situation while on travel and immediately , the emergency contacts and buddies are alerted through sms and notification from SOS app.

10.What are the Infos shown on Home screen?

Home screen displays the map with the current location of the user and the buddies who are being tracked by the user.Volunteers of that area are also displayed. “Track me” button to start sharing the location, “Save me” button to alert emergency contacts and buddies and Travel path of the user and the buddies being tracked are provided here.

11.What is Favorite contacts?

Contacts can be added to favorites list and these favorites can be added while enabling “Track me as well as “Save me” button.

12.What is “On Track”?

“On Track”option displays the list of buddies whom the user is tracking currently. Selecting the user will display buddies current location on the map and travel path.

13.What is “Tracking me”?

“Tracking me “option diaplays all the buddies who is tracking the user's location currently. This list is available only when the user enables “Track me “ button.

14.How to recommend SOS app to your friends and family?

In the contacts menu, select the contact and select the “Recommend SOS”button. Immediately an SMS will be sent to the contacts with recommendation and link to install the app.

15.How to send bulk recommend to your contacts?

More option in the contact menu will display all the contacts and option to select all the contacts is provided and then user can tap the “Recommend SOS “ button.

16.What is all about Notification?

Notification menu in the SOS app will display all the notifications received by the user which includes the current location shared by the buddies and also their alert messages and the locations.

17.What are the other sevices offered?

SOS Scam – an unique service in which the user can take a picture of any sexual violence happening around him and send it along with a message to the SOS 24*7 helpline. SOS 24*7 helpline – will monitor the users through the SOS admin tool and help them during danger situation.

18.How to edit and update profile?

User can edit profile information using the settings option -> Profile settings. Here the user can update details such as address, change emergency contacts etc..