Save Our Sisters - SOS India

Susila Charity (Susila Educational Trust) has started the project called "SOS India - SaveOurSisters India " together with Snovabits Software Private Ltd to address the major, critical, life threatening and sensitive social issue "sexual harrasment".

  • The project is named as SOS - SaveOurSisters based on Indian National Pledge "India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters." is previously known as
  • This project SOS is a tremendous effort and technology driven solution to avoid and reduce Sexual Assault and Harassment (eg.Rape) in India.
  • SOS will give awareness and tools for each women "to protect and get protected”.
  • Yearly rape victims are around 25000, excluded un reported incidents and not included regular sexual harassment.
  • The total women population in India is 614,397,079. Among them around 60-80% of the women and girls will be directly or indirectly protected by SOS. SOS will help international women visiting India for a safe tourism. SOS will also help young children for a safe commutation to schools and surroundings. SOS would also be used by anybody who wants to travel safely in India. Totally SOS will change the way of using mobile phones for a safe travel and secure commutation in India. SOS will indirectly help 70-80% of the total population 1,205,073,612 in India.
  • Always people say “If we know, we could have saved it”. SOS Project and Technology Platform will let others know the info and save lot of women from Sexual Assault. Promoting this SOS project in all media will give awareness and technology tools to every body. It gives fear to the accused or committers. SOS Technology Platform will change the way of using the mobile phones. Meaning, Mobile phones is not only used for making calls, it will be used as a “Life Guard”.
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